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P.O.Box 37,
91307 Causeway Road,
S.O.T.C. Semporna,
Sabah, Malaysia.

Locate us!
Mabul Island is 30 minutes away via boat from Semporna, a small town on the east coast of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. To help you plan your trip, here’s a breakdown of possible routes on your way towards Semporna:

Where are you coming from? Travel by air Travel by road
Tawau To Semporna, 1-hour drive on our
private shuttle directly from airport
Kota Kinabalu To Tawau, 1 hour
(Air Asia, Malaysia Airlines)
To Semporna, 7-hour bus ride from
KK Bus Terminal at 7:30 AM/PM daily
Major towns / cities in Sarawak To Kota Kinabalu, 1-2 hours
(Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia)
Kuala Lumpur To Kota Kinabalu, 3 hours
(Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia)
To Tawau, 1 hour (Air Asia)
Elsewhere in Peninsular Malaysia To Kuala Lumpur
(Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia)
To Kota Kinabalu, 3 hours
(Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia)
Singapore To Kota Kinabalu, 3 hours
(Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia)
To Tawau, 4 hours
(Air Asia)
Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Manila, Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo To Kota Kinabalu
(Malaysia Airlines)
Elsewhere around the world To Kuala Lumpur
(most major airline carriers)

Transportation rates
We can take you to and from the Tawau airport, an hour’s drive away from Semporna, if you ask. From Semporna you can then ride our boat to Mabul, and then back to town at the end of your adventure with us.

Item Rates
Land: Tawau Airport – Semporna, vice versa 1 – 4 persons
5 – 8 persons
RM150 per transfer
RM30 per head per transfer
Sea: Semporna jetty – Mabul Island – Semporna Jetty (return trip) RM100 per head