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+6 017 897 0002 (Hp)
+6 017 895 0002 (Hp)
+6 089 781 002 (Office)
+6 089 784 002 (fax)

P.O.Box 37,
91307 Causeway Road,
S.O.T.C. Semporna,
Sabah, Malaysia.

Hi, I’m Uncle Chang!
I started my dive lodge to provide adventurous divers, snorkellers and marine life enthusiasts an affordable and enjoyable place to stay on Mabul Island, and to share the amazing natural wonders off the coast of my humble hometown Semporna, Sabah, to those who seek them.

My team and I are committed to the environmentand to sustainable ecotourism. This means running a diving lodge that uses minimal resources and makes as little impact on the environment as possible, particularly our sensitive marine ecosystem which we and just about everyone on Mabul depend on for our livelihoods.

We hire locals because sustainability also means helping to generate income and employment for the community here. This also gives them a stake in the ecotourism industry and therefore in the protection of the local environment, thus helping to discourage unsustainable economic activities such as bomb- and cyanide-fishing.

We provide a safe, fun and unique experience for all who come to dive with us. Our dive instructors and divemasters are PADI-certified, experienced, and generally awesome to be with. Above water, you may find yourself clinking bottles, singing the Sipadan Song, and jamming rock’n’roll classics with them along with the rest of the staff. Not a dull moment passes here, in or out of the sea. Before they know it, people are often extending their stay.

Finally, we are committed to providing you an affordable adventure experience. Our living quarters are not like a five star resort’s but they are clean, safe, and fitted with basic amenities. This is meant to keep your holiday focused outdoors and not inside an expensive box, so to speak.